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Denise Williams-Jones, RDA is passionate about customer service and culture. She will light up the room with energy and has a unique ability to connect and engage with all present. Transforming the audience through authentic storytelling, self-awareness, and empowering all to reconnect, restore culture, and improve relationships. This powerful combination will create leaders amongst leaders taking your practice to the Next Level of Success. Contact Denise, and book her for your next event.

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Front Admin: You Can Effectively Lead, Strengthen and Unite Your Team

Leaders amongst leaders. What does it take to make this happen? Learn successful tips and strategies to use daily to encourage a strong collaboration between front and back office. Elevate effective communication skills for an improved daily environment and real connection with the team.


• Learn to unify fellow team members through proven techniques and skills
• Foster an enhanced working environment within the dental office
• Create a “Team Centered” culture



System Implementation Is the Key to Practice Growth

Implementing the proper systems will allow your office to have a smooth flow and a more productive schedule. Without systems the office runs in chaos. Your outcomes will be unpredictable because you will do things differently every time. Learn practical tools to create systems with your team to facilitate order and growth within the practice.


• Recognize the value of creating tailored systems for the dental office
• Structure the team to start the implementation process
• Set the techniques in motion



Complacency vs. Movement

The importance of moving forward in the right direction can make or break an office. The growing trend in the world is to be complacent and often times this spills over into the dental office. When setting goals for the practice, you must be able to shift your mindset as well as the team to focus on movement to increase your bottom line.


• Recognize complacent behavior and redirect it
• Understand the benefits of movement when setting goals
• Move goals into profitable action



Protect the Health of Your Practice with Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service is a lost art in today’s society. Now more than ever you must ensure that your team is offering premium customer service so that your patients can’t live without you and will refer their friends and family to your office. Many dental offices provide amazing clinical services, then forget to align that with the customer service part. This is unhealthy and creates a gap in what you are trying to accomplish. Close the gap. Protect the health of your practice.


• Discover proven strategies to elevate customer service
• Unify team so they are all on the same page
• Foster strong relationships with patients



Finding Hidden Gems

Many dentists forget to invest in their team. Sometimes they overlook the talents that are right in front of them. Recognize the importance of investing in your team and uncovering their talents. Foster leadership skills and discover your hidden gems.


• Uncover hidden gems in your office
• Facilitate new team skill set
• Infuse these skills into everyday situations



Front Office: You Are Not “Just a Receptionist”

A lack of understanding your role at the front office can affect patient interaction. This will then affect the practice and the bottom line. There needs to be a shift in mindset so you can take a new approach when dealing with your patients. You must have clarity on what is expected of you and your role in the practice.


• Recognize the importance of your role in creating lasting patients for the practice
• Learn to connect with patients in an authentic way
• Improve the way you conduct yourself at the front desk



Communication in the Workplace: Waste of Time? Or Worth Every Minute?

Lack of communication in the workplace is common these days. Do you find this to be the case in your practice? Proper communication requires an equal amount of commitment from everyone in the office. We will discuss proven tools and techniques that can be used to improve current communication in your office.


• Discover the values and importance of proper communication in the office
• Create a plan that works for your team
• Implement new skill



How You Can Help Your Doctor Put Together a 5-Star Team and Keep Them Team

In the past, when deciding if you wanted to accept a job, you would drive by an office and check it out. Things have changed. People now look at your website and social media platforms. Uncover updated techniques that you and your current team can execute to attract new team members.


• Learn how to best highlight your office culture on social media
• Discover how to think outside of the box when hiring
• Cultivate team strategies to make it happen



Building a Strong Table for Success

Being successful requires more than pure talent. To truly be at the top of our game, we must always have some essential items with us. Uncover proven tools and techniques that can be used to build that strong figurative table for success. Learn practical strategies that are easy to implement immediately on a daily basis.


• Improve character and focus on “Doing Good”
• Recognize the importance of self-care
• Elevate stature and strive to the the best



The Key to Something Exceptional is Doing Nothing at All

We have all been taught that we must push, push, and push to make things happen. Did you know there is a different view on this? There are times in our lives when we get an exceptional outcome simply by doing nothing at all. Learn new skills of self-card that allow us to reset, relax, recharge, and show up ready to take it to the next level. Recognize the importance of being your best self and how this will bring you closer to your team and improve team relationships.


• Learn self-care tips that will improve your quality of life
• Recognize the importance of being your best self and how this impacts your office
• Improve relationships with the doctor and the team



Results, Referrals, Rewards, Repeat

Are you bringing new patients in the front door, then letting them walk out the back? Now more than ever, with a dental office on almost every block, you must find a way to retain your current patients. This starts with offering premium customer service, correct culture, a strong brand, and utilizing updated marketing techniques. Uncover ways to protect the health of your practice and retain your patients. Learn how applying these 4 words “Results, Referrals, Rewards, Repeat” can take your team to The Next Level of Success.


• Techniques to raise your bottom line
• Attract more new patients
• Create loyal returning patients