About Denise Williams-Jones

Denise Williams-Jones is a Customer Service Consultant, Speaker, Founder and Owner of Next Level to Success. She started in the dental field in 1995, working in some of the top dental offices in Southern California, with roles including chair side assistant, inventory and supply manager, team trainer, scheduling coordinator, financial coordinator, marketing liaison, community outreach, and front office lead.

Denise is currently a consultant for the American Dental Association as part of the Dental Team Advisory Group for Practice Management. She is a member of Crown Council, Speaking Consulting Network, and has designed continuing education courses for the American Dental Association. She is a graduate of Scheduling Institute and ToPs Institute, two highly respected training programs. She holds several certifications in Phone Training, Maximizing Patient Flow, Treatment Case Acceptance, and Delivering Exceptional Customer Service with regards to all things patient care.

Denise has a passion and commitment to customer service. She is a born leader who pays attention to detail, is committed to an organized yet friendly environment, and has a track record of noticeable performance growth with the practices she has worked with. Over 27 years of real-life experience of using proven techniques have taken practices to that Next Level to Success. Protect the health of your practice and let her impart these qualities to you and your team.

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