Consulting FAQ’s

Q. What are the duties of a Next Level to Success consultant?

A. As a customer service consultant, Denise will coach the team on correct phone techniques and how to schedule appointments in an effective way to maximize the doctor’s time. She will also diagnose where time is wasted and teach effective time management, enhance personal accountability, and empower each team member to become a leader by amplifying their strengths.

Q. What type of training does Denise have?

A. Denise is a Registered Dental Assistant and has been in the dental field since 1995, working in some of the top dental offices in Southern California. She has held various positions through the years: chair side assistant, inventory and supply manager, team trainer, scheduling coordinator, marketing liaison, community outreach, and front office lead. Denise has been trained by some of the largest consulting companies in the United States and is certified in phone training, maximizing patient flow, treatment case acceptance and delivering top customer service with regard to all things patient care.

Q. What should I expect from Next Level to Success?

  1. Increase New Patient Flow and Higher Patient Retention
  2. More Productive Schedule
  3. Increased Team Engagement and Motivation
  4. Higher Practice Production (Fewer hours with higher production)

Q. How much time will Denise give me?

A. Denise currently offers On Site/Virtual Workshops each lasting a total of 4 hours. In addition, she also offers one-on-one training with a team member and those are bundled in 4-6 hour increments. Coaching calls with the doctor are determined per office need.

Q. Why should I choose Denise over another consultant?

A. Denise has a true passion for and commitment to customer service. She is authentic and non-judgmental, and will empower, motivate, and improve communication with your team. She will train them to provide exceptional customer service in an authentic way as well as foster strong relationships with your patients. Denise stands by her words of “creating leaders amongst leaders.”

Q. Can’t I just do this on my own?

A. Consistent new patients and retaining current patients in your office takes more than having a website and promoting on social media. It has to do with what is going on inside as much as outside your office. Next Level to Success will assess customer satisfaction in your business and then implement ways to maximize it. Denise will observe your practice, listening to the needs of the doctor, team and patient. Then, she will diagnose and analyze your current policies and procedures, recommend improvements, offer new approaches and assist in implementation. This method allows Denise to act as an effective liaison between doctor and team, to ensure everyone’s needs are met and the practice is successful.

Q. How much does Denise cost?

A. All pricing can be discussed at a consultation call with the doctor.

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