Denise immediately made me feel comfortable right away when coaching me and has a special talent that not only is invaluable in business but made work seem fun and exciting.

Lisa J.

Denise has a big heart and I want to say to her “thank you for your help and encouragement” You are a great consultant!

Renee B.

Denise Williams-Jones at Next Level to Success, brings back the passion, professionalism and promptness that a business owner yearns for in their business and with their staff/team. You won’t have to micromanage anymore. You will be free again to take your business to the next level. A must have consultant with over 20 years of experience.

Dr. S

Denise not only trained my front office staff, she also trained me. Her organization skills are impeccable. She implemented systems in our office where there were none and now my staff knows what to do and how to do it. She helped me make some changes in leadership that have greatly impacted the office in a positive way.

Dr. G

Denise will relentlessly finish any project she starts and has the initiative and energy to always be looking for opportunities to help us grow, taking our business and service to the next level in this process. Denise is a teacher of business, service and systems and much more. I really appreciate Denise because she has shown an amazing ability to listen and she’s made a huge difference in facilitating the growth in our office.

Dr. V

Denise taught me so much while working with our office. I can present treatment to our patients now without being nervous. She also helped me with my time management so I get more done in a productive way.

Carmen R.

Denise is a wonderful trainer. She is very positive and really helped me with my confidence. I’m not afraid of answering the phone anymore and I always smile when the patient walks in.

Michelle A.

Denise has been an excellent teacher. Because of her training, I feel more confident handling all types of customer service issues that may arise in our medical office.

Liz M.