Phone Skills – Coach team on correct phone techniques.

  • Uncover any fears that staff may have with answering phones and answering questions from customers. Your staff must learn that the phone is not scary.
  • Teach staff to take control of the call and train them to implement techniques to fit the needs of your office so when a client calls, they will have a great first impression. This is done in a two steps. The first way is one on one training with whomever answers the phone in your office. I will work with them to bring out new levels of performance so in turn they can give you and the practice their best. The second way is working with the rest of the staff in accomplishing an atmosphere that sets the tone for your front office staff to be successful on the phone call.

Scheduling Appointments – Teach team how to schedule appointments in an effective way to maximize the doctors time.

  • We will discuss and destroy all obstacles and excuses that patients give when trying to avoid scheduling appointments.
  • As well as create the ideal schedule for the needs of your practice and train team to schedule accordingly. By doing this, the doctor will maximize the amount of time spent in the office.
  • Train team on new ways to get increase case acceptance to sustain growth.

Motivation – Motivate staff to become personal leaders by amplifying their strengths which will then build confidence and inspire the team, thus motivating them.

  • Encouraging confidence through one to one training to ensure your team will stand out among the competition.
  • I will communicate with them in a very safe and open forum enhancing their drive to provide great service through honest connection with the doctor, each other and the patients/customers.

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Forming Productive Habits – Train and coach team to abandon unproductive and unimportant habits.

  • Get clear priorities of the office from the doctor/owner then train team accordingly. I will Coach team to remove perceived constraints that are not based in the reality of your office and start setting goals so team is accountable.
  • Teach team to become masters of their time. I will heighten your team’s awareness on productive customer focus habits.
  • Teach team that customers come first not the team. Create a new office culture or enhance current one through workshops.

Time Management – Diagnose where time is wasted and teaches new ways to effectively manage time by changing behaviors, then delegating and prioritizing task to get the most out of your team.

  • Coach owners to hold staff accountable for the time they are on the clock.
  • Coach team members to become accountable for the time they are on the clock.
  • Develop specific time management goals.
  • Create protocols or enhance current ones through one on one training with staff.

Staff Productivity – Enhance personal accountability by coaching staff and doctor to maximize their organization skills and prepare them for implementation of revised or new systems with the goal of reaching the next level of productivity.

  • Design, develop and implement or improve the organizational structure.
  • Identify the gap between strengths and weaknesses and work with doctor and team to fill those gaps. In essence, when the gap is filled, you are more productive as a whole unit. More productivity increases revenue.